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Charged Up! Chargers

View our list of premium chargers designed to keep you charged up! These products offer a fast and conveinet way to charge up wheter you're at home or on the go! We offer free returns if you are not satisfied with any of our products as long as it is within 30 calender days of purchase.


Do these chargers work with Android?

Our chargers work with any smart phone as long as they are Qi compatible.

I bought the wrong item, do you offer returns?

We offer free returns for all of our products. Just send a message to with a copy of your order, returns are only eligible from 30 days of purchase.

When can I expect my product?

Please allow around 5-10 business days for shipping form the time of purchase.

How long until my phone is fully charged?

We offer fast charging options, it depends on the product but allow roughly a hour for a fully charged phone.